Enjoy The Rite-of-tea at Your Lodging.

Last month was terribly busy. I was invited for lectures in Osaka and Kobe, we conducted tea-ceremony workshops at our regular location in Kyoto, we hosted a 10 day tea-gathering at the Hankyu department store in Osaka, we travelled to Tokyo for assistance with an international tea gathering, I travelled to Shizuoka to participate and give a brief presentation at the World tea gathering, I squeezed in an emergency translation job for the city of Nara, and so much more.

What last month mainly showed me, was that even though we have a steady location for tea-ceremony workshops and have a continuous weekly practice location, we are more often requested to travel and bring our skills to someone’s event, or someone’s private location. Which I am totally happy to do. I like to travel and to see new places, and I enjoy the challenge.

One such occasion stayed with me quite strongly, and I wish to share this occasion with you through several beautiful images. Kyoto has for long been known for its tradition and cultural beauty, and the houses have always spoken to the imagination of its visitors. Recently, a handful companies have begun to refurbish some of the old machiya or “town-houses”, and are making them available as lodging for travellers, who may choose to rent one such house privately.

The request came from a company called Kuraya, currently renting 4 such locations in Kyoto. Renting such a house, and enjoying its atmosphere can just be as enjoyable as going around the city, in that it is mostly a once in a lifetime experience. It is in this light, that guests may wish to experience Japanese tradition at the house, rather than to change location for a workshop at some other venue.

We brought our equipment, installed them in one of the Japanese-styled rooms to resemble the tea-environment as good as we could, and entertained our visitors with a thorough and enjoyable afternoon of tea-ceremony. The location in itself was beautiful, and this contributed to the agreeable atmosphere the space generated. The equipment made it complete and I feel that we were successful in bringing tea with us, and enacting it at a location we have never been before.

Pictures often say much more than words.

Should you wish to enjoy a service of tea at your lodging or place of stay, we will happily make the necessary preparations and bring tea to you.


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