A New Space To Share My Stories.

This is the first post after having fully transferred this blog to a different provider and blog server. From this point on I will be using wordpress for its functionality, readability and accessibility.

Personally, this transfer also marks a new chapter in writing this blog. When the blog was incorporated on The Tea Crane homepage, it mainly served as a source of information on the tea I sell under The Tea Crane brand, and a newsfeed for updates on the store. Now that the homepage/store and the blog are somewhat separate, I feel freer to write about a broader range of topics and more personal topics as well.

Japan has been my home for the past decade. Initially, I came here as a student because I wanted to learn about its tradition and related arts and crafts. After obtaining a postgraduate degree in Japanese 17th century literature, I gave up on my dream to get a Phd. in Japanese studies, and instead chose for a family life as a regular salary worker. This is where my culture shock (or better said ‘never ending series of culture shocks’) began.

In less than four years time, I got married, became father of two children, worked at two different Japanese companies, founded my personal tea business, obtained certifications in Japanese tea and tea ceremony, and as a teacher in tea ceremony, while simultaneously working as a consultant, I am day in day out struggling to keep head above water. I wouldn’t have thought that, when I started my first job in Japan things would go so fast, and that I would learn and experience what I have learned in the past few years.

Given the repositioning of this blog, I am happy to now also have found a space where I can collect and share stories of the experiences I had these past few years as a salary worker, as well as some of my thoughts on Japanese work ethics and company culture, in addition to articles on the subjects that I care about most; Japanese tea and culture. In the posts to come, I will give more precedence to writing about why I am in Japan, what I have experienced, the perceptions I have on certain cultural and social phenomenon, and what keeps me busy everyday.

I hope that you, the readers of this blog, may enjoy my entries, and will also give feedback or share your stories on subjects that I have written about.


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